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Tuesday - Sunday, After 3:00


For Nightly Specials:

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Please Call (614) 914-5455


Prosciutto Crostini 12
Thinly sliced ribbons of prosciutto di Parma, atop our toasted
homemade pagnotta bread w/ seasonal marmellata.

Insalata La Tavola 8
Chef’s Garden greens, w/ oven roasted baby beets, orange, fennel, pistachio
smoked blue cheese + golden balsamic vinaigrette.

Arugula Salad 8 
Baby arugula, w/ tomatoes, pine nuts, ricotta salata +
balsamic vinaigrtette.

Kale Caesar 12 
Baby kale, w/anchovy vinaigrette, homemade crostini, farm egg +
parmigiano reggiano cheese

Antipasti Misti 15
An assortment of our artisan + imported, cured meats + cheeses,
w/ olives + homemade crostini

Garlic Crostini 3
Roasted garlic, herbs + fresh mozzarella + provolone cheeses melted
on a piece of our homemade pagnotta bread.


Prices Reflect:  (10″ Round Pizza) / (1/2 Sheet Tray ~ 11″x 15″)

Classic Cheese 9/17
Our homemade pizza crust, covered in our rich tomato sauce,
topped w/ a blend of mozzarella + provolone cheeses.

Americano Pizza 14/27
Our classic cheese pizza, loaded w/ homemade sausage,
meatballs and pepperoni.

Vegitariano Pizza 12/23
Our cheeseless crust topped w/ our rich tomato sauce, oven roasted tomatoes,
calabrian hot peppers, roasted garlic + dressed greens.
*add Cheese 1/3

Bianco Pizza 10/19
Our homemade pizza crust, covered in extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic + herbs,
topped w/ mozzarella + parmigiano cheeses.

Sausage + Pepper Pizza 12/23
Our homemade pizza crust, covered in our rich tomato sauce, topped w/ a blend of
mozzarella + provolone cheeses, homemade sausage and hot cherry peppers.

Prosciutto Pizza 15/29
Our classic cheese pizza, topped w/ caramelized onion,
gorgonzola cheese + thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma.

Brussels Sprout Pizza 12/23
Our homemade pizza crust, covered in extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, mozarella +
provolone cheeses, topped w/ bacon + caramelized brussels sprouts.


 Prices Reflect: (Individual Portion) / (Family Size ~ 2x Portion)

Prosciutto Wrapped Fettuccine 21/40
Homemade fettuccine a la chitarra,
tossed in our black pepper, parmigiano + prosciutto cream sauce,
wrapped in thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma.

Gnocchi al Forno 17/32
Our signature homemade potato pasta, baked w/ fresh artichokes, onion,
garlic + herbs, in a creamy, white wine + fontina cheese sauce.
*add prosciutto 2/4

Gnocchi Marinara or Butter + Parm 10/18
Our signature homemade potato pasta, tossed w/ our rich tomato sauce
or tossed w/ plugrá butter + parmigiano reggiano.

Pasta + Meatballs 15/28
Homemade pasta tossed w/ our rich marinara + homemade meatballs,
made w/ Bluescreek Farms, beef + pork

Chicken Parmigiano 16/30
Organic local chicken breast, breaded w/ pecorino, parmigiano reggiano
cheeses + homemade breadcrumbs, baked in our rich tomato sauce
w/ mozzarella cheese + served w/ our butter + parm pasta.

Risotto priced daily
Worth the wait, our ever changing risotto is slow cooked to order.
Please allow at least (26) minutes for this dish.

Venetian Calf’s Liver 18/34
Pastured veal liver, sautéed w/ onions, white wine + fresh herbs,
served w/ seasonal veg.




Tiramisu 6
Our Italian “pick me up” Espresso soaked
ladyfingers filled w/ mascarpone cream.

Lemon Tart 6
Silky lemon custard baked in our
shortbread crust.

Chocolate Torte 8
Two layer chocolate cake, filled w/ cream
cheese icing and covered w/ chocolate ganache.

Gelato/ Sorbetto 6
An ever changing selection of our homemade
frozen treats.

Kids Menu

$5 ea.

Cheese Pizza

Chicken Parm

Pasta + Butter & Cheese

Pasta + Meatballs

Pasta + Marinara


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