Public Health Announcement

Ohio Restaurant Promise

We’ve recently installed iWave Commercial Air Cleaning Systems at Lupo & La Tavola to further to further enhance the safety of our dining rooms.

An independent lab (EMSL Analytical, Inc) has tested the iWave for effectiveness, resulting in very high kill rates of the following pathogens:

Staph – 96% after 30 minutes

MRSA – 96% after 30 minutes

E.Coli – 99% after 15 minutes

C.Diff – 86% after 30 minutes

Tuberculosis – 69% after 60 minutes

Legionella Pneumophila – 99% after 30 minutes

Airborne Mold Spores – Reduced 99.5% of spores present during testing (GreenClean Air)

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) – 99% after 30 minutes (Innovative Bioanalysis)

Human Coronavirus 229E – 90% after 60 minutes (Analytical Lab Group)


At La Tavola, we are taking concerns about the COVID-19 Coronavirus very seriously. We have taken active steps to increase preparedness throughout La Tavola & Lupo.

As you know our staff has always been committed to meeting every available health guideline while handling food, and we will continue reviewing our best practices to ensure the health and safety of our staff and patrons.

Each restaurant is certified by the Franklin County Department of Public Health and meets all requirements set forth. Moreover, we are monitoring the situation closely and will be adding precautionary measures as they arise.

Additionally, we are addressing paid time off in a manner that will allow employees to prioritize their health and well being. We will do our best to stay ahead of the curve and address developments as they arise.

The CDC and Ohio Department of Health are frequently posting updates and answers to FAQs. Please refer to or for any additional information.

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